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Internet Service Provider

Android Email server Setup configuration:
Foysal ISP Mail Server able to email send and received when you are at travel,
Outside country no matter's what network you are using Cellular 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g or WiFi etc.
Anywhere, Anytime, Around the WORLD!

Google Android Mobile
How to add your email accounts

Google Android Mobile Email Accounts

How to add your email account setup

for Foysal ISP internet email server setup

First you select top right corner icon


Here is many Email Services

Your Select Account Other


Add your new email address and Next

Enter your new email address


This symbol @ is for using email before
@ mean username and after this @ is email Server name


What type email account is this?

You Select radio button this personal IMAP Services

Select and Next


Incoming Server Settings

We provide you
New email address, Password and Server Name

Enter your new email address, Enter your Password,
it's Visible icon show your password and Enter Server name is ""

After entering new email address, Password, and Server name you select Next"


Incoming Server settings

Validating this settings you are provide:
new email address, password and Server name


Congratulations! You are all done in your Google Android SmartPhone

After successfully complete your new email account settings

You are received a new email from FoysalISP.Com

After Email server successfully settings
you are recive a Configuration email from Email Server

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