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Born: September 11
Company: Foysal ISP,
February 2020 year,
Founder:Mr.Foysal, Moinuddin goni Chowdhury,
Profession: Computer Programmer, Network Enginner
Hobby: Music Director, Musician

HELLO Telcom founder: 2000 years. 11 September 2001 year Happy Birthday Foysal.
Science and Tech DEV Talk: WiFi : ওয়াইফআই
1998 Year Hewlett Packard Company USA and Cisco Systems inc USA Made this WAP: Wireless Access Point. Few years later i am 2011 Year this WAP Technology Development and name Change WiFi Access Point for Mobile and Computers, Internet Communication Engineering(ICE) . Thank you so much. Foysal ISP
Foysal ISP
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